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Nuclear Med.Radiopharmacy

Regenerative Med

Barite Shielding Board

Focus Products

Negative pressure isolation

◎Movable ◎Modular
◎Efficiency ◎Independent
◎Flexibility ◎Easy Installation

Lead-free protective materials

The barite shielding board is as sandwich construction, the internal protection layer for radiation protection and two...more

Auto Multiple Vials Dispenser

Continuous automatic dispensing system capable of dispensing up to 12 vials of different doses at a time...more

Cell Processing Isolators

During the cell processing of regenerative medicine, a sterile isolator is needed to reduce pollution from the operator or the external environment...more

All-In-One Hot Cell

The four-in-one hot cell is the integration of traditional synthesis and split-function hot cells. This design can effectively save space...more


An all-round radiation detection system from the individual to the environment, coupled with the latest technology in series with a smartphone...more

About Us


We closely cooperate with our customers, making available our competencies, our solutions and a wide range of services to guarantee maximum support, from pre-sales to after-sales phase.


Integrate from the upstream to the downstream of the industrial chain, conceive and plan novel and complete products and services to provide the best solutions.


We are organized in different areas of expertise with dedicated teams, daily working in close collaboration. Continuous sharing of internal knowledge and skills allows all business units to enhance their know-how.

Bequerel & Sievert Co. Ltd (as named BqSv) was established in 1993 and has been constantly devoted to radiation ...more
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Nuclear Med.Radiopharmacy

Radiation Engineering

Radiation Safety Appliance

Regenerative Med