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Bequerel & Sievert Co. Ltd (as named BqSv) was established in 1993 and has been constantly devoted to radiation protection, automation, and cGMP application on medical, research, and industrial fronts. The innovated products, which include Hot Cells, auto-dispensing systems, and safety and quality control apparatuses, have been broadly used in nuclear medicine departments, PET and cyclotron centers, research institutions, and industrial facilities. Patent
BSB(Taiwan) BSB(Japan)
BSB(Germany) BSB(China)
Automatic syringe rack(China) PET Dose Pig(China)
Electrical Motor Dose Lifter(China) PET Dispensing System(China)
L type lead screen(USA) The Syringe Shield for PET(USA)
Improved radiation shielding device
for radiopharmaceuticals(USA)