Radiation Detection
RadTarge-Mini Personal Dosimeter RadTarge-Mini personal dosimeter can accurately detect and display personal dose equivalent (rate) data, real-time alarm on radiation exceeding threshold, help users effectively avoid unnecessary radiation. The device uses a self-developed SiPM scintillation detector to achieve high-sensitivity detection performance at the wearable size level, which can detect weak radiation changes in the natural environment and quickly respond to dangerous situations.

RadMay APP can display measurement data wirelessly and synchronously in real time, support user-defined recording of radiation trajectory, and passive recording of variable radiation for active management. RadMay provides basic data for low-dose radiation health research and is an important component of RAYCAN's smart radiation management based on the cloud service platform.

RadTarge-Mini users can connect to RadMay via Bluetooth to establish a life-long traceable personal radiation dose health file to provide detailed and reliable data support for personalized medicine. At the same time, combined with the mobile terminal's global positioning system (GPS), it can achieve accurate time, location, and dose rate trinity dose measurement, and draw the global radiation intensity trajectory and distribution.


  • Model: RadTarge-Mini
  • Detector: scintillation detector
  • Dose equivalent rate: 0.01 µSv/h ~ 100 mSv/h
  • Cumulative dose: 0.01 µSv ~ 9.99 Sv
  • Alarm threshold: freely adjustable within the range (0.01 µSv/h ~ 100 mSv/h)
  • Overload display: 100 ~ 1000 mSv/h overload display, 5s overload recovery
  • Alarm method: sound, light, vibration
  • Data transmission: BlueTooth
  • Power supply: built-in rechargeable lithium battery
  • Dimensions: 60 x 46 x 20 mm3