Protection Equipment
L-Block The innovative human factor design provides better vision and shading effect, and can combine multiple L-shaped lead screens to form a workbench, allowing most operators to work at the same time and process various radionuclides on the workbench without being disturbed. It can also be matched with the long-handled pliers and long gloves for the dedicated workbench.


  • Size:L 400mm × D 250mm × H 530mm
  • Weight:30kg
  • Lead Glass:L 250mm × D 20mm × W 200mm


  • Size:L 400mm × D 250mm × H 530mm
  • Weight:50kg
  • Lead Glass:L 250mm × D 50mm × W 200mm


  • Size:L 400mm × D 250mm × H 530mm
  • Weight:70kg
  • Lead Glass:L 225mm × D 120mm × W 145mm